Honda XL 400 accessories you were looking for

Finally, you have one of the best touristic enduro on the market, right? Over 37 horses locked in your engine, good road clearance, a big fuel tank, and all of that for you to ride anywhere you want and anywhere you need. But such a great motorcycle requires due attention, does it? You can pay that attention with the Honda XL 400 moto accessories by Recraft Moto!

What are the Honda XL 400 Transalp accessories we offer?

The range of our product centers around your bike’s protection and functionality. We produce high quality Honda XL 400 Transalp moto accessories for guarding the engine, radiator, oil tank, and other machinery on your motorcycle. Be it a skid plate for the bottom of the bike, or an all-around frame for your bike’s engine, you get the best of the Honda XL 400 parts!

Any other Honda XL 400 aftermarket parts?

Definitely yes. We supply a perfect selection of luggage accessories to augment the functionality of your motorcycle and to help you carry more stuff on the very same iron horse. Need a luggage rack made of 1.5 mm steel? You got it! Looking for a hard case to put on your bike and to bring the fragile things with you? We have it for you. Want a whole luggage system combining the frame and the case? There are such systems at our store as well!