About motorcycle frame sliders

Among wide range of products for bike special place take accessories protection of machine. They are special crash bungs, bar protectors, bar sliders and other break down guards. Also you should pay attention to break down bobbins like an effective thing bike protection. These are special motorcycle crash bungs which are designed to protect operation of a machine engine. These special props are an integral part of your vehicle. Some people do not use them for their intended purpose, which leads to negative consequences in event of a mean of transportation accident. And yet, use of these plugs has more advantages than disadvantages.

These elements provide reliable protection bike when it is on its side. In this position, only defender, bar, spindles and wheels can touch ground. Fuses keep your motorbike’s fairings intact. Fairings are not cheap parts, so using these bungs will save you money. Engine body remains unharmed. In event of a breakdown, you will be able to ride a bike slowly, and this is definitely better than standing with a broken machine.

As for motorcycle crash bar protectors, they are important devices your motorbike.

They are protective sleeves made of black polypropylene. Great motorbike accident bar, engine guars, highway bar as well. Their main purpose is to protect bars from scratches when bike falls. Motorbike crash protectors are easily installed and removed, low price will please any buyer. They are ideal novice riders, learning to ride a vehicle. There are both universal models, and options that are suitable exclusively certain brand of motorbike. Their installation is very simple. Main functions:

  • protection of chrome coating from scratches and cracks;
  • to hide existing scratches and damages;
  • musthave to beginners;
  • perfect while driving training courses.

Another significant detail of bike is motorcycle bar sliders. Their main purpose is to protect expensive levers and clips from significant damage when machine falls. Any element of bike crash guard will be a profitable and necessary purchase of that motorcyclist, who cares about integrity and aesthetic appearance of his vehicle.

Responsible drivers always take care of their vehicle and equip it to maximum with everything necessary to safety. It is easier to prevent any problem than to do unscheduled repairs afterwards. If you inadvertently park or simply put machine, there is a chance of its falling. In such cases crash bobbins were developed.

Their main features:

  • protection of fuel tank, frame and fairing when motorbike falls;
  • installation does not require changes in frame and fairing;
  • Quick and easy installation;
  • excellent absorption of impact energy due to nylon housing;
  • Complete configuration of motorcycle bobbins for successful installation.

These elements minimize damage to the machine in event of a fall, body remains intact and does not require further repairs. Bike crash protectors should have such properties as high impact resistance, resistance to friction, robust and reliable, resistant to distortion impact.

Motorbike crash bungs as additional accessories for the bike, provide a wide range of protection. Fastening bolts are made of high-strength steel, which increases period of their operation.

Riding bike, do not neglect any means of protecting your vehicle, so you will save yourself from unnecessary costs and save your bike unharmed.