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About motorcycle main center stand

More and more people are choosing a motorcycle as their main vehicle. Recently, motorcycles become "affordable" for almost everyone, besides they do not require a spacious garage and are much cheaper to maintain - both for gasoline costs, and for spending on spare parts or motor-vehicles.

Having a motorcycle, the question of how to park it correctly and reliably becomes topical. In this case, supports come to the aid, which are side and central. For confident parking, side motorcycle stands are used, which hold the transport vehicle well enough upright.

Equally popular is the bike center stand. They are used both for parking and for repairing motorcycles. These stands allow you to raise one or two wheels, you can remove chains from a motorcycle, etc. It can be concluded that central stand is more versatile in use.

The main purpose of main stand motorcycle is to help the motorcyclist during the maintenance work of the machine. Centre stand serves to raise the rear wheel of the motorcycle to an elevated position, which allows quick and easy access to hard-to-reach parts. Also this position makes it possible to lubricate the chains. For example, without using central stands replacement of the rear tire will simply be impossible. This is especially true for heavy motorcycles.

Motorbike centre stand keeps the motorcycle in vertical position, preventing it from tipping over. It keeps the machine above the ground, which allows you to save and even extend the life of the motorcycle tires. In this situation, weight of motorcycle is distributed evenly, which does not affect change in its technical characteristics.

Centre stand is the best solution for those who store a motorcycle in the garage with a minimum of space. Unlike side stand, central pillar keeps the vehicle in a level position, which gives it ergonomics in small space. This is a very useful quality in busy cities, where parking spaces are always small. Central stand helps to solve parking problem and simplify process of repairing your vehicle.

This type of motorcycle main stand should be used primarily on a flat surface. Any purchase will be completed with a detailed instruction with clear rules of operation of this rack. There will be described algorithm of putting motorcycle on rack and moments of removing vehicle from rack. These key points will avoid inconvenience of operating center stand.

Central stand allows:

  • easy and reliable parking and a motorcycle rack;
  • allows safe and convenient maintenance of chains, tire replacement, motorcycle cleaning;
  • Ideal position of inclination;
  • It is easy to use stand if necessary (mounting materials and fixings are included in kit).