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About motorcycle crash bars

Traveling by any kind of transport, safety is priority. Especially it concerns such an extreme kind transport as motorbike. Maneuverable & fast, motorbikes bring to life bright unforgettable experience. But safety should be in the first place.

Protective elements on motorcycles appeared long time ago and they were initially focused primarily on motorcyclist’s protection. That’s why habitually these ones are called "safety rods". Their protruding design preserves motorcyclist’s legs from being crushed by a bike when it falls down on the side. Of course, protection vehicle in an emergency case, special engine accident rods were designed as well.

Going on trip, you must take care motorcycle crash guard. It should be made of reliable & durable material that does not weight the vehicle.

Choosing necessary protection block, you should take into account model, year your motorbike manufacture, as well as many other technical characteristics (pipe walls diameter & thickness, coating type, installation features).

Motor & tank protection motorbike should be effective. Bike crash guard is represented by solid pipe in pipe construction. This solid pipe can get chrome plated, can be white or black. Better look & perfect pipe security is provided with synthetic coating.

Accident guards have lots advantages:

  • In case rods collapse protect bike from falls;
  • Bars are useful motorbike lashing;
  • Have excellent design which repeats machine lines;
  • Impact-resistant plastic pipe-in-pipe coating construction which is stable;
  • Best quality metal coating;
  • Detailed instructions with accessible description.

Among wide range goods bike’s security and protection you can choose any crash bar covers. They also should be suitable for machine model, match your personal taste preferences. For example, there are different rods types – crash rods with chrome studs, bars with colored studs available match bike colour, even bars decorated with crystals. But they all have main function – guard high quality vehicle.

Motorbike engine accident rods serve as protection & protect driver, passengers from injury when they can fall down, as well as from damage machine surfaces while driving off-road.

Nowadays rods are rather popular as tuning element. At the same time they are installed on their vehicles or purpose of increasing passive safety, or simply beauty. In this case, safety, beauty should be equivalent.

Motorcycle engine bars’ geometry is not felt by rider, does not interfere with riding motorcycle. Also complete fasteners set and comprehensive installation instructions can be included.

In addition to protecting motor, these elements can be different types:

  • Engine guards for machine protection, driver's legs (such rods may have mudguards);
  • Lateral (they will not protect driver, protect frame & engine from damage);
  • Rear (protect pendulum, chain, star and frame);
  • Special rods behind back seat stabilize motorcycle when it is raised to rear wheel, preventing overturning;
  • Bars - platforms for protection not only in fall, but also from dirt & stones;
  • Elements protect boat stroller (such unique motorbike engine guards);
  • Bars preserve stroller wing;
  • Sliders on wheel axle help keep the pendulum, chain, disk, plug.

You should remember, that any motorcycle engine guard will not protect you in serious accident, but minimize annoying falls consequences.