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Side Stands Extensions
Side Stands Extensions Honda XL 700 V Transalp 2007-2012
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Расширитель боковой подножки для мотоцикла Honda XL 700 V Transalp 2007-2012 Преимущества: Увеличивает площадь опоры, не давая боковой подножке провалится в грунт Высококачественное полимерное покрытие стойкое к сколам и царапинам ...

Motorcycle kickstand extender

Side Stands Extensions

Naturally, every motorcycle owner, having bought it, will study the maintenance and care instruction that comes with the machine, get acquainted with the maintenance of the motorcycle, but only a few try to equip the motorcycle with additional protective elements. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the important principles of caring for a motorcycle and thereby prevent some negative consequences as a result of irresponsible use of the vehicle.

One of the necessary and important devices for a motorcycle is motorcycle kickstand foot. It helps to keep the motorcycle in a vertical position at a time when it does not move.

Side kickstand feet for a motorcycle perform many functions. They help to park, put a motorcycle at the curb, it's easy to climb your vehicle. In online stores, there is a wide variety of such motorcycle side stand extender, so the average consumer can easily get confused. If you intend to buy legs and footboards for a motorcycle that will really be of use and serve for a long time, then attention should be paid to some features.

How to choose side stand extension and footsteps for a motorcycle?

First of all, it is necessary to distinguish the side stand from the footboards. The first are functional devices, thanks to which a motorcyclist can climb a vehicle and easily park it. The footboards provide additional options, they can also be simple for aesthetics (for example, to park your motorcycle just by the curb). One of the main functional parts of the motorcycle is the winding leg. The vehicle can not be started without it.

Side stand extender

You should remember, that stand extender for a motorcycle must be covered with anti-rust penetration, which will increase their service life

The steps for a motorcycle are a little easier to pick, since there are only two types. Some are functional, which really help to properly install the motorcycle, and the second perform an aesthetic function. Choosing a functional motorcycle side stand plate, it is important to pay attention to whether holding on one crutch, climbing a motorcycle in a limited space, whether it is fully supported by one wheel, or whether it is possible to manipulate the second wheel. Notice where is the center of gravity. When the machine rests on the motorbike stand plate from the side, the touch point should be at the same level. The length of the crutch of the footrest should be chosen so that it was inclined to the side not less than 20 degrees. Soft shock absorbers allow to reduce the angle of the crutch, and more elastic - to increase. Sometimes, for the convenience of laying, additional brackets are put, which protect the frame and boots of the rider. Pay attention to the following characteristics of motorcycle side stand extension:

  • Material for making the detail;
  • Purpose of the motor parts;
  • Guarantee of the manufacturer.

There are two main types of supports - lateral and central. Side has some advantages. When posing on the side stretcher about half the weight, if not more is accounted for by the wheels. Plus, the side step, when it begins to push through the coating, increases the support area, since the step is strongly inclined, unlike the central one. That is, the stronger it is pressed into the asphalt, the less pressure on the unit of the area is experienced, the less is the opportunity to push it even further.

When staged on the central footrest, the pivot points are very close to each other and the motorcycle can be tumbled on its side by literally tapping with a finger. When installed on the side, instead, we get a well spaced triangle. Ideally, on many motorcycles, you can almost comfortably sleep in the position of "feet on the handlebars, head on the trunk" when they are put on the side.

Do not forget about the caution in parking lot, where your motorcycle is falling it can catch the one stands side by side or worse - create domino effect. You can protect yourself from such troubles by using motorcycle side stand pad.