This Agreement is governed by the provisions of the current legislation of Ukraine, in particular, the provisions of the Law of Ukraine " About Electronic Commerce", the Law of Ukraine " Protection of Consumer Rights", Law of Ukraine "About Advertising", the Law of Ukraine " About Protection of Personal Data" and also other laws and by-laws of Ukraine.
On the one hand, the online store (hereinafter referred to as the "Seller"), and the customer of the product / buyer (hereinafter referred to as the "Client"), on the other hand, agrees to comply obligations of this Agreement in the process of legal relationship.


  1. Making an order on the site (hereinafter referred to as the "Site"), the Customer agrees to the obligations of this Agreement.
  2. The Seller collects, saves and processes the following personal data of the client: name, surname, e-mail address, contact numbers, postal address. All this information is necessary for the seller for the correct provision of services and servicing of the client's orders. Making an order on the site, the buyer unconditionally and reliably gives his consent to any processing of his personal data, consent to the storage of his personal data in the databases of the seller, and to the transfer of his personal data to any third parties for purposes not prohibited by the current legislation of Ukraine.
  3. The personal information received from the client is confidential. The seller agrees not to transfer it to third parties, except for cases when the transfer of data is provided for or not prohibited by the laws of Ukraine. It is not considered a violation of the provision of information to agents and third parties acting on the basis of an agreement with the Seller to fulfill obligations to the client. The seller reserves himself the right to transmit the Customer's data (delivery address, name and phone number) to the carrier and / or the courier service cooperating with the Seller.
  4. The process and use of the database by the Seller is carried out the provisions of the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Personal Data".
  5. Each client retains the right of accessing their personal data, the right of making corrections, and to the requirement that the data be discontinued by the Seller
  6. The seller reserves the right of using the Clients personal information for marketing purposes (analysis of data on sales of goods, analysis of site traffic, electronic distribution, etc.).
  7. By registering on the seller's website and leaving their personal data, the Client gives over providing reliable information about himself.


  1. Online purchase. It is carried out by adding the desired goods to the shopping cart on the site
  2. After the order is placed on the Seller's website, the Client gets an automatic notification of the e-mail address left by him when registering the application.
  3. The Order is not considered issued and will not be served by the Seller until it is paid for by one of the chosen methods valid at the time of payment.
  4. After the processing and confirmation by the seller of the completed order, it is considered the purchase and sale agreement with the rights and obligations provided by the current legislation of Ukraine, if agreed or not agreed in the contract of sale.


  1. From Monday till Friday, the seller sends the data about the Client's orders to the service of courier delivery. To receive the Client's order confirmation before 16:00, the order is sent to the packaging, after which it is sent to the delivery service and will be sent the next day after 14:00. The cost of delivery is calculated depending on the chosen postal operator, the dimensions of the order and the destination.
  2. The Seller doesn’t assume any obligations to recover any losses of the Customer related to the late delivery of the order, and is also exempt from any possible penalties.
  3. The client reserves the right to refuse the goods or postpone the delivery at a convenient time. He is obliged to notify the Seller about this no later than 14:00 on the day following the day of the order. If, for any reason, the client has changed his mind, forgot or failed to report the cancellation of the order, and the goods have already been sent by the Seller for delivery, the client is obliged to compensate the full cost of the return shipping, and the Seller undertakes to compensate only the cost of the goods without taking delivery.

You can see for more details about all types of delivery and payment in the corresponding section.


  1. The customer had already received the goods to check it for quality and quantity within 7 days of receipt of the order.
  2. The customer has the right to return or exchange goods within 14 days from the date of purchase, in accordance with the provisions of the Law of Ukraine " Protection of Consumer Rights".


  1. The online shop reserves itself the right to change the terms of this agreement unilaterally at any moments.
  2. The online shop gives over to provide the terms of this agreement freely available to the buyer on its website.


  1. The online shop reserves itself the right to change the goods, materials and services provided on the site at any time without notice to the client.
  2. The Internet shop isn’t responsible for any damage (including moral losses, loss of profit (lost profits), data or from interruption of business activity) arising from the use or inability to use this site.


  1. In fulfillment of the requirements of Art. 7 Legal services "About e-commerce" the seller informs that it is the access to all necessary information about the seller can be provided before, in the process, or after placing an order by the client, by providing information by phone or other means are not prohibited by law in Ukraine, or there is no way, as agreed by the parties.
  2. In order to remove any frontal claims in relations to the language of information provided in the online shop, it is necessary to regard any information provided as in this Agreement, on the website "" in general, as advertising products under the trademark " Recraft moto, "That, in accordance with paragraph 1 of Article st. 26 The law of Ukraine "About the principles of the state language policy" is not a violation of the legislation of Ukraine.