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Wheel Balance Stand
Balance stand for motorcycle wheel
99 $
The balancing stand permits to balance the wheel of moto-technology easily. It is simple to use. it is  Ideal to use, can use in a garage or workshop Advantages: Base on rolling bearings Sturdy axis and conical clamps are galvanized ...

Motorcycle wheel balancing and truing stand

This section presents a special equipment that are used to balance your motorbike's tires proving better stability on the road. This motorcycle truing stand for sale allows to individually balance either of motorbike parts (both forward and rear), is good with most motorbike models. One better be in any workshop dealing with motorbike repairs and service. The balancer must be firmly bolted to the leveled surface. Using weights you must achieve such a position when the item does not turn by its own. Once you know what mass should be applied in what point you glue the weights into their calculated positions. Using motorcycle rim truing stand is necessary and need to be conducted after any changes or upgrades of the tyres.

Motorcycle tyre balancer

To correctly use wheel balancing stand all of them need to be tested with their tyres on, pumped up and with all elements in place. Only then testing can begin. Let it turn on motorcycle spin balancer until the wheel completely stops. The heaviest part will be pointing straight-down. Counterbalance it using weights and repeat this process until heaviest point is so correctly counter-balanced, that tires no longer move by themselves. It's always a good idea to wash away mud, dirt and old glue from previous balancing.