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Motorcycle luggage top box

When there is a need for carrying luggage by means of motorcycles, several options are made available with light upgrades to stock design of a vehicle. First of two choices is motorcycle top box. Most basic sets come with the variety of items including:

  • Upper and lower brackets.
  • Bolts for fixing the box into place.
  • A pair of keys (the boxes have incorporated a lock).
  • Motorbike top box itself.

Put the trunk on the suitable position of rear carrier. In most general-use models you need to open the lid and attach the bracket on the trunk then tighten the bolts. What's important to note is that with box mounted you may have to tilt the bike a little in order to get your leg over when saddling. Also, if using side bags, strapping them on the sides of the saddle the bike operator may want to put a piece of plywood before mounting the trunk. That way one has more space to strap on saddle bags.

Motorbike top case

While the box is simple spacing for stuff, motorcycle luggage top case takes on more load and is divided into sections to sort things. These are installed using the mounts.

Choose between monolock and monokey variants. What would be the difference? Monolock are the systems with the simplest locks made of thin and light material. They are only recommended for light vehicles such as scooters and motorollers and for driving at speeds not exceeding 100 kph. They can be mounted on almost any bike, appearing to be cheap and universal utility choice.

On the other hand monokey can serve both as upside and side cases (note that there are no monolock side items). These systems also use heavy-duty plastics, more durable and made of sturdier & rugged material. Monokey will be more stable on the bike and take higher loads. A key feature to take into account is three point of connection to the model-specific mounting. Universal rack won't do so you'll have to buy a bike-specific mounting kit separately.

Purchase motorcycle top case according to what you'll need in your travels.

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